the 133rd canton fair successfully held, a full demonstration of the resilience and vigor of china’s foreign trade-凯发天生赢家

the 133rd canton fair successfully held, a full demonstration of the resilience and vigor of china’s foreign trade

the onsite exhibition of the 133rd canton fair concluded in guangzhou on may 5 while its online platform will continue regular operation. xu bing, spokesperson of the canton fair, deputy director general of china foreign trade centre, introduced the overall operation of this session to the press from home and abroad.

xu said that the cpc central committee and the state council has attached great importance to the canton fair. general secretary xi jinping sent congratulatory letters to the 120th and 130th canton fair, in which he affirmed the historic role of the canton fair and pointed the way for its further development. the state council executive meeting reviewed and adopted opinions on promoting stabilizing the scale and optimizing the structure of foreign trade, further emphasizing that important exhibitions including the canton fair should be held well. vice premier he lifeng attended the opening ceremony of the 133rd canton fair and the 2nd pearl river international trade forum via video link and delivered a speech. with the attention and support of cpc central committee and the state council, under the leadership from the ministry of commerce and people’s government of guangdong province, thanks to concerted effort of relevant ministries, local commerce departments, china’s diplomatic and consular missions and all the staff, the 133rd canton fair has operated steadily, achieved the goals of efficiency, safety, digitalization and green development, and made contribution to stabilizing the scale and optimizing the structure of foreign trade, to promoting all-round opening-up, and to serving the new development paradigm.

active attendance of overseas buyers. as the first session to fully resume onsite exhibition after the shift of china's covid-19 response, the 133rd canton fair received high attention from the global business community. as of may 4 (the same below), buyers from 229 countries and regions attended the canton fair online and onsite. specifically, 129,006 overseas buyers from 213 countries and regions attended the fair onsite. a total of 55 business organizations attended the fair, including malaysia-china chamber of commerce, cci france chine, and china chamber of commerce & technology mexico. over 100 leading multinational enterprises organized buyers to the exhibition, including wal-mart from the us, auchan from france, metro from germany etc. overseas buyers attending online totaled 390,574. buyers said that canton fair has built them a platform to communicate with global enterprises, and it is a "must-go" place. they can always find new products and quality suppliers, and expand new development opportunities in the fair.

various highlights in innovative products. exhibitors have uploaded over 3.07 million products online including 800,000 new products, 130,000 intelligent products, 500,000 green and low-carbon products, and 260,000 products with independent ipr. besides, 300 products release activities were held. a host of new products, new technologies, new materials and new processes have been displayed. in particular, high-end, intelligent, customized, brand, green and low-carbon products were well-received by global buyers, which reflects the progress of “made in china” towards the high-end of global value chain, and demonstrates the resilience and vigor of china’s foreign trade.

export transactions better than expected. the export transactions achieved at the 133rd canton fair onsite reached 21.69 billion usd; the online platform witnessed export transactions worth 3.42 billion usd from april 15 to may 4. in general, exhibitors believe that, although the number of overseas buyers onsite is still in recovery, they place orders more eagerly and faster. in addition to onsite transactions, many buyers have also appointed factory visits and expected to reach more cooperation in the future. exhibitors said that canton fair is an important platform for them to understand the market and recognize the trend of global economic and trade development, which enables them to make new partners, discover new business opportunities, and find new driving forces. it’s the “most right choice” for them to participate in the canton fair.

more opportunities brought by the international pavilion. on april 15, ministry of finance and other departments published notice on tax preference policy for imported products of the international pavilion at the canton fair in 2023, which has been well received by the international exhibitors. 508 enterprises from 40 countries and regions exhibited in the international pavilion. plenty of industry benchmark and international brand enterprises displayed high-end and intelligent, green and low-carbon products that could cater to chinese market demand. important delegations achieved fruitful outcome; many exhibitors gained a considerable number of orders. overseas exhibitors said that the international pavilion has provided them with a fast track to enter the chinese market with huge potential, while also helping them to meet a large number of global buyers thus bringing them new opportunities to expand the broader market.

steady operation of the online platform. altogether 141 online functions have been optimized in the 133rd canton fair. the online platform received 30.61 million visits and 7.73 million visitors in total, among which 81% are overseas visitors. store pages of exhibitors attracted 4.4 million visits, including 4.37 million in the national pavilion and 34,000 in the international pavilion. exhibitors staged 6,127 livestreaming events in total. the continued enhancement in intelligence, facilitation, and friendliness of the online platform is well received by suppliers and buyers.

remarkable achievements made in trade matchmaking. the 133rd canton fair has held 52 "trade bridge" global trade promotion activities, 8 "discover canton fair with bee and honey" display activities, 3 regional matchmaking events and 2 dual circulation promotion activities, attended by over 3,000 buyers, suppliers and overseas industrial and commercial organizations from 67 countries and regions. 19 trade promotion activities and 7 fashion shows introduced quality companies, premium and innovative products and famous brands in a targeted manner, providing a cooperation platform for buyers and suppliers, thus successfully bringing deals for numerous projects. particularly, in xinjiang special promotion event of cotton textiles, over 300 kinds of cotton fabrics were introduced onsite and intentional orders worth 570 million rmb were placed. meanwhile, "nanjing economic and trade cooperation promotion conference” saw an amount of 2.3 billion rmb of intentional cooperation programs.

a multi-functional trade platform. the 133rd canton fair have further adopted new models, enriched business patterns and functions, and operated as a comprehensive multi-functional platform with functions including information service, innovation launch, industrial promotion, and trade services. the 2nd pearl river international trade forum was held in high quality, including 1 opening ceremony, 5 thematic forums and 18 industry forums, attended by more than 200 renowned experts from political, business and academic circles. focusing on hot-spot issues in international trade, the participants discussed innovative development path, contributing canton fair voice and solution to the international community. the exhibition hall of canton fair design award (cf award) displayed 139 winning products of 2022. 95 design companies from 7 countries and regions joined the canton fair product design and trade promotion center (pdc). nearly 1,500 intentional cooperation programs were achieved. the newly set trade services zone introduced around 250 organizations to provide comprehensive and whole industry chain services both online and onsite including logistics and warehouse, financial insurance, testing and certification, business consulting, design and innovation, cross-border e-commerce, and integrated services. an exhibition standardization promotion conference was hosted to increase the awareness and penetration of three national standards compiled by china foreign trade centre. meanwhile, the canton fair “green space” activities were held to recognize 42 winners of the green booth awards of the 130th session.

strengthened ipr protection. in this session, ipr infringement cases involving 341 companies were received onsite and 163 companies were determined as constituting alleged infringement; cases involving 74 companies were received online and 2 determined as constituting alleged infringement. 16 trade disputes were dealt with onsite and online. mediation of trade disputes has witnessed higher success rate. the highly effective and professional ipr protection services provided by the canton fair have protected and motivated innovation, and created a fair and secured international trading environment, which obtained the recognition from both exhibitors and buyers.

new progress achieved in rural vitalization. the 133rd canton fair set up the traditional chinese specialties section in the onsite exhibition and the rural revitalization zone in the online exhibition for enterprises from formerly impoverished areas. 171 companies from 22 provinces joined the traditional chinese specialties section, exhibiting products covering 13 categories including food, art wares, medicines and health products, and recreation products. companies from formerly poor areas uploaded 44,400 products. in this session, unfold stories of specialty industries achieving self-motivated development through boosted industrial business, rural citizens’ confidence enhanced through green cultivation and vitality in rural development spurred through industry-finance integration. exhibitors said that the international platform of the canton fair enabled them to know the latest market trends, connect with customers, receive orders, train skilled staff for livestream marketing, accelerate digital transformation as well as invigorate the upgrading of featured products and industry in formerly poor areas, thus finding more paths to success for empowering sustainable development of rural areas.

xu stated that the canton fair online platform will continue operation after the conclusion of the onsite exhibition. website functions except for live-streaming and scheduling appointment will remain available. based on the demands of buyers and suppliers, the fair will timely organize trade matchmaking events to assist both domestic and overseas buyers to place orders right at home.

xu said that the 133rd canton fair received great attention from media outlets at home and abroad. journalists from 186 media covered the event with in-depth, heartwarming and influential reports. by comprehensively describing the grand event of the canton fair, explaining its characteristics in multi-dimensions, and telling its stories in an all around manner, they have created a positive public opinion atmosphere. he looked forward to meeting everyone in the 134th session.