the 133rd canton fair will be held on april 15 in guangzhou-凯发天生赢家

the 133rd canton fair will be held on april 15 in guangzhou

the 133rd canton fair is scheduled to be held on april 15, which will be full of highlights. the first is to expand the scale and consolidate the position of “china’s no.1 fair”. the physical exhibition will be fully resumed and held in three phases. as the 133rd canton fair will use its venue expansion for the first time, the exhibition area will be expanded from 1.18 million to 1.5 million square meters. the second is to optimize the exhibition structure and display the latest development of various sectors. we will improve the layout of the exhibition section, and add new categories, demonstrating the achievements of trade upgrading, industrial progress, and scientific and technological innovation. the third is to hold the fair online and offline and accelerate digital transformation. we will accelerate the integration of virtual and physical fair and digitalization. exhibitors can complete the whole process digitally, including application for participation, booth arrangement, product displaying and onsite preparation. the fourth is to enhance targeted marketing and expand global buyer market. we will open wide to invite buyers from home and abroad. the fifth is to increase forum activities to improve the investment promotion function. in 2023, we will hold the second pearl river forum modeled as one plus n to build a stage for international trade opinions, spread our voice and contribute canton fair wisdom.

with meticulous preparation, we will provide comprehensive one-stop services for global buyers this session, including trade matchmaking, onsite courtesies, awards for attendance, etc. new and regular buyers can enjoy online or onsite services before, during and after the exhibition. services are as follows: latest highlights and core values to global fans through nine social media platforms, including facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc;“trade bridge”activities for multinational enterprises, specific regions and industries, as well as different provinces or municipalities, to help buyers follow the industry trends timely, connect with high-quality suppliers, and quickly find satisfying products; “discover canton fair with bee & honey” activities with different themes, on-site factory visit and booth display, to help buyers achieve “zero distance” attendance; “advertisement reward for new buyers” activities to benefit new buyers; onsite services such as vip lounge, offline salon and “online participation, offline reward” activities, to provide value-added experience; optimized online platform, including such functions as pre-registration, pre-posting sourcing requests, pre-matching, etc. to offer buyers premium services and convenience to attend the fair online or offline.

the initial schedule of the physical fair for the 133rd session:

phase 1: april 15-19, 2023;

phase 2: april 23-27, 2023;

phase 3: may 1-5, 2023;

the intervals are: april 20-22 and april 28-30, 2023.

the physical exhibition duration will be notified further if there is any adjustment.

the online platform is open for half a year (from march 16 to september 15, 2023).